Privacy Fences

Standard Privacy Wood Fence Style

Standard Privacy

Built using solid boards attached edge to edge, this fence style provides complete privacy and security. It is typically 6 to 8 feet tall and suitable for backyards.

Shadow Box Wood Fence Style

Shadow Box

Features alternating boards on either side of the central rails, creating a pattern that offers privacy while allowing air circulation. This fence looks the same from both sides, making it neighbor-friendly.

Lattice Top Wood Fence Style

Lattice Top

Combines a standard privacy fence with a lattice section at the top, adding a decorative element that also lets in light and air. It’s perfect for adding aesthetic value without compromising privacy.

Picket Fences

Traditional Picket Wood Fence Style

Traditional Picket

Characterized by evenly spaced vertical boards with a pointed top, this classic fence style is often used for decorative purposes around front yards.

Scalloped Picket Wood Fence Style

Scalloped Picket

Features curved top edges between the posts, creating a gentle, waving line that adds a decorative touch to the traditional picket fence design.

Dog-Ear Picket Wood Fence Style

Dog-Ear Picket

Similar to traditional picket fences but with the top corners of each board cut off to create a “dog-ear” shape, giving it a more casual appearance.

Ranch Fences

Split Rail Wood Fence Style

Split Rail

A rustic style using rough-hewn woods, typically in a zig-zag pattern. It’s mostly used for large areas and is effective for containing livestock without blocking views.

Post and Rail Wood Fence Style

Post and Rail

A simple, minimal design using horizontal rails inserted into vertical posts. It’s commonly used for agricultural or rural properties to delineate boundaries.

Crossbuck Wood Fence Style


Features an X-shaped design across each fence panel for added strength and aesthetic value, commonly used in farms and ranches.

Decorative Fences

Gothic Style Wood Fence

Gothic Style

Features pointed arches at the top of each fence panel, reminiscent of Gothic architecture, providing a dramatic and historical look.

Cap and Trim Wood Fence Style

Cap and Trim

Adds a polished finish to privacy fences with horizontal trim and caps on posts, enhancing durability and providing a refined appearance.

Horizontal Slat Wood Fence Style

Horizontal Slat

Uses horizontal boards instead of the traditional vertical style, offering a modern and sophisticated look that makes spaces appear larger.

Functional Fences

Garden Fence Wood Fence Style

Garden Fence

Typically shorter, these fences are designed to protect gardens from pests while complementing the landscape aesthetically.

Pool Fence Wood Fence Style

Pool Fence

Designed for safety around pools, these fences meet legal height regulations and are built to prevent children and pets from accessing the pool area unsupervised.

Louvre Fence Wood Fence Style

Louvre Fence

Features angled slats that can be adjusted to control airflow, sunlight, and visibility, offering privacy with a contemporary design.

Specialty Fences

Acoustic Fences Wood Fence Style

Acoustic Fences

Constructed to reduce noise pollution, these are made with thick, dense materials that absorb sound, ideal for properties near busy areas.

Pet Fence Wood Fence Style

Pet Fences

Designed to keep pets safe within a designated area, these can be customized in height and spacing to suit different types of animals.

Estate Fence Wood Fence Style

Estate Fences

Often ornate and made from high-quality materials, estate fences are designed to project luxury and enhance the curb appeal of large properties.